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Vivadent Variolink N Professional Set

Variolink N is a dual-cure and light-cure luting composite for glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and composite resin restorations. The esthetic luting resin from the N-Cement Collection is characterized by a high radiopacity and harmonious shade spectrum.

The special amine-reduced cement Varliolink N LC produces optimum results, particularly in anterior teeth. This solely light-cure material enables very thin (< 2 mm) and highly translucent restorations to be seated esthetically. Variolink N LC is available in the following versions: Clear, +1 and +3.

4 x 1.5ml Variolink N Base Transparent, Yellow, White, Bleach XL
4 x 1.5ml Variolink N Catalyst Transparent/Low, Transparent/High, Yellow/Low, Yellow/High
1 x 6g Heliobond
1 x 3g Syntac Adhesive
1 x 3g Syntac Primer
1 x 2g N-Etch
1 x 5g Monobond
1 x 2.5g Liquid Strip
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  • Advantages

    - Highly esthetic results

    - Dual-cure and light-cure materials in seven shades

    - High radiopacity


    Variolink N is suitable for the cementation of indirect restorations made of leucite-reinforced glass-ceramics (IPS Empress), lithium disilicate glass-ceramics (IPS e.max CAD/Press) and composite resins (SR Nexco), for example

    - Veneers

    - Inlay/Onlays

    - Crowns


    Dual-cure and light-cure: Yellow, White, Transparent, Bleach XL

    Solely light-cure: Clear, +1, +2