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Ultradent Uveneer Kit Each

Uveneer template kits provide unique, minimally invasive ways to create beautiful direct and indirect composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry—all in one visit. Additional uses for the templates include cosmetic mock-ups, shade selection, as well as provisionals during porcelain veneer creation.

16 x Upper arch templates
16 x Lower arch templates

Product Brochure

  • Both Uveneer systems can be used for mock-ups, shade matching, provisionals, and composite veneers.
    They also:
    - Create predictable, reproducible, natural-looking composite restorations
    - Prevent the oxygen inhibition layer during curing, resulting in a hard glossy surface
    - Allow light to pass through the template to the composite for effective curing
    - Work with any preferred composite
    - Release easily from cured composite resin
    - Facilitate application on individual or multiple teeth
    - Are autoclavable and reusable, making them a cost-effective choice
  • Uveneer® Procedure Animation