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Ultradent Valo X LED Curing Light Each

The VALO X curing light has been designed from the ground up to provide you with the durability, power, accessibility, and versatility you need.

1 x VALO X LED curing light
5 x Accessory lenses
2 x Rechargeable batteries
1 x Battery charger
1 x Power supply (for battery charge or cord adapter)
1 x Cord adapter
1 x Handpiece bracket holder
1 x Blue light blocking light shield
1 x Sample pack of barrier sleeves



  • With the VALO X curing light you can count on a more complete cure thanks to its 12.5 mm lens and powerful custom LED chip that delivers superior curing depth and beam collimation with better thermal management than other lights.

    The VALO X curing light is equipped with two power modes (Standard Power and Xtra Power modes), two diagnostic aid modes (Black Light and White Light Diagnostic Aid modes), and the ability to work corded or cordless.

    Its simplified design allows for one-button activation and its Accelerometer Function allows you to cycle between its power and diagnostic aid modes with a simple wave of the wand. This eliminates awkward fumbling during a procedure, reduces the likelihood of dropping the instrument, and helps you keep your mind on the task at hand. Five accessory lenses come included with each light, further enhancing the versatility of your VALO X curing light. Plus, every VALO X curing light is covered by our 5-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can be confident in your investment.

    - 12.5 mm lens aperture
    - Long-lasting custom LEDs include 8 curing and 4 white lights
    - Low-profile wand head easily reaches posterior restorations
    - Durable aerospace-grade aluminum body
    - Standard Power and Xtra Power modes
    - White Light and Black Light Diagnostic Aid modes
    - Simplified design for one-button activation
    - Accelerometer Function cycles through modes with a flick of the wrist
    - Corded and cordless functionality
    - VALO X-brand batteries can last up to 120 curing cycles without recharging
    - VALO X-brand batteries can last up to 500 recharging cycles before replacement
    - 5 accessory lenses included
    - 5-year manufacturer’s warranty