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Ultradent EndoREZ Obturation Kit .06 Taper Kit

EndoREZ canal sealer minimizes the amount of chair time required for obturation. This thixotropic material has an affinity for the moisture found deep in dentinal tubules and lateral canals and provides the most complete seal available.

1 x 5ml Dual-barrel Syringe
20 x Skini Syringes
20 x Mixing Tips
20 x Assorted NaviTip Tips (29ga)
120 x EndoREZ Points Taper .06

  • Since methacrylate-based EndoREZ canal sealer relies on chemistry rather than heat or pressure to fill the canal the risk of additional root trauma/fracture is greatly reduced. Additionally studies show that EndoREZ canal sealer is versatile enough to be used as the sealer with any obturation method e.g. master cone lateral condensation or warm gutta percha. Create a “monobloc” by using EndoREZ™ resin-coated gutta percha points.

    - The world’s first hydrophilic and self-priming resin sealer
    - More effective obturation in less time
    - Provides a complete thorough seal
    - Has the same radiopacity as gutta percha
    - Bonds to resin-based core/composite materials
    - Retreatable when combined with gutta percha
    - Provides syringe delivery to the apical third