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Ultradent Opalustre Kit 4 x 1.2 ml

Ideal for removing superficial white and brown decalcification stains due to enamel mottling from fluorosis, Opalustre 6.6% hydrochloric acid slurry contains silicon carbide microparticles.1 This combination provides chemical stain removal along with gentle mechanical abrasion. OpalCups latch-type bristle polishing cups are used with the Opalustre slurry for micropolishing the newly treated enamel surface.

4 x 1.2ml Opalustre Syringes
10 x OpalCups Bristle
10 x OpalCups Finishing
20 x White Mac Tips


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Opalescence Whitening


  • - One-appointment results
    - Removes superficial white and brown stains
    - Provides minimally invasive treatment for fluorosis
    - Hydrochloric acid aids in chemical stain removal
    - Silicon carbide microparticles provide gentle mechanical abrasion
    - Less than 0.2mm enamel removal
    - Comes in a direct delivery for an easy and mess-free technique
    - OpalCups minimize splatter
    - Unique offering is a “practice building” product
    - Opalustre slurry is gluten free and kosher certified
  • How To Use Opalustre™ | Chemical and Mechanical Abrasion Slurry from Opalescence™ Tooth Whitening