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Ultradent PermaShade LC Opaque White Refill 4 x 0.95g

PermaShade LC light cure veneer luting resin is used exclusively for cementing veneers. Its ergonomic contra-angle syringe makes luting more convenient than other delivery methods. With enduring color stability, and low shrinkage, PermaShade LC luting resin is ideal for creating a long-lasting, esthetic veneer smile.

4 x 0.95g PermaShade LC Opaque White Syringes

  • - Unsurpassed low shade shift
    - Can be used for porcelain, zirconia, composite, and other indirect veneers
    - Available in four VITA® shade options: Translucent, Opaque White, A2, and B1
    - Ergonomic contra-angle delivery aids in precise placement to small, delicate veneers
    - Medium viscosity keeps veneer from drifting once seated
    - Upon curing, low shrinkage stress prevents strain on the veneer