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Ultradent Composite FORMA B2B Refill (Brazil) 4g Each

FORMA is a universal nanohybrid composite resin with excellent mechanical properties that offers the balance between the aesthetics necessary for direct restorations and the resistance and colour stability required by a restoration with high clinical durability, even in very thin layers.




  • Forma Universal Composite

    FORMA is a highly versatile aesthetic material that allows beautiful restorations to be made using only one Body Shade that manages to blend into the restoration thanks to its ideal combination of opalescence and translucency. For specific procedures, FORMA also offers 18 additional Dentin, Enamel and Effects shades for layering techniques.

    Its exclusive formula with zirconia and ytterbium trifluoride gives all its shades exquisite optical properties, including translucency, opalescence, radiopacity and fluorescence comparable to those of natural teeth.