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Ultradent File-Eze EDTA Lubricant Kit 4 x 1.2ml Syringes 20 x NaviTip

File-Eze file lubricant is an effective 19% EDTA in a water-soluble viscous solution for chelating lubricating and debriding root canal preparations.

4 x 1.2ml File-Eze Syringes
20 x NaviTip Tips (Assorted 30 ga - 5 of each length)

  • - Peroxide-free; will not affect the set of resin sealers

    The following lubricants contain peroxides that are not compatible with EndoREZ™ canal sealer: EndoGel, EndoSequence, Glyde, ProLube, RC-Prep, and SlickGel ES.