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Shofu Beautifil II LS Syringe A3.5 4g

Indicated for all classes of restorations, I-V, Beautifil II LS is a firm but easy handling, stackable, non-sticky universal composite that has been formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and resultant shrinkage stress. With superior durability and aesthetics, ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations, Beautifil II LS, delivers predictable clinical efficacy and maximum performance characteristics.


Beautifil II & Beautifil II LS

Instructions for Use
Beautifil II LS Syringe


  • - Award-winning handling – stackable and non-sticky
    - Polishes in an instant
    - Sustained fluoride release/recharge with bioactive Giomer technology
    - Great strength and high wear resistance
    - Tooth-like aesthetics with natural fluorescence and chameleon effect
    - Low volumetric shrinkage (0.85%) and shrinkage stress (2.72 MPa)