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Shofu Coat-It 6ml

Coat-It is a light-cured self-adhesive resin coat designed to provide a strong and protective seal on the surface of Glass Ionomers, provisionals and direct resins for enhanced mechanical properties, durability and aesthetics of the restoration.

Coat It 6ml
50 x Disposable Brush Fine (Pink)
25 x V-Dish

  • - Remarkably natural surface gloss with just 10 seconds of cure
    - High degree of surface cure with minimal residual monomer
    - Seals, protects and strengthens surface of glass ionomers, provisional restoration and direct resins
    - Remarkable wear and stain resistance for restorations that remain stable over time
    - Exceptionally strong and durable bond to various substrates- to enamel, dentin, glass ionomer and resins with virtually no gap
  • All it takes is a thin layer of Coat-It (LED / Halogen) to significantly decrease the surface roughness on the Glass Ionomer restoration and boost its strength.