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Shofu Super Snap X-Treme Technique Mini Kit

Designed to obtain an excellent natural luster on direct aesthetic restorations. This kit comes with 4 color-coded disks: Black, Violet as well as the new X-Treme Green and X-Treme Red disks in both 12 mm and 8 mm diameter with additional CompoSite Fine Midi-point, for finishing and polishing all areas of the restoration


  • Super-Snap X-Treme Technique Mini Kit [PN N0509] contains:
    Disks x 48, CompoSite Fine Midi-Point CA x 1, CA Mandrels x 1
  • Super-Snap Buff Disk comes in a box of 25’s
    Regular [PN L523] & Mini [PN L524] with CA Mandrel x 1
  • Super-Snap X-Treme Refills, 50 Disks / Box
    [PN L511] Green, Standard Disks
    [PN L531] Green, Mini Disks
    [PN L512] Red, Standard Disks
    [PN L532] Red, Mini Disks