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Shofu Lab Carbide Bur HP #14N 1/Case

A reliable range of carbide burs in different shapes with various flute designs to suit a variety of applications such as fast chair-side or bench side application on removal prostheses.


  • Benefits:

    - High-grade tungsten carbide burs are developed to provide enhanced cutting efficiency with remarkable durability
    - Uniform concentricity assures minimal vibration and precise trimming/ adjustment of either acrylic resin or cast metal
    - Available in 6 different types of cutting surfaces and a total of 29 shapes:
    Coarse (C) – for gross reduction of plaster

    Normal Coarse (NC), Normal Cross Cut (N) & Basic Plain Cut (B) – for trimming and initial finishing

    Normal Fine Cut (NF) & Diamond Fine Cut (DF) – for anatomical contouring and finishing


    Developed for efficient adjustment of acrylic resins, nickel-chrome cobalt alloys, chrome-nickel alloys and precious alloys.