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Shofu Super-Snap Refill Contouring Black #L507 50/Box

A comprehensive, colour coded, disposable disk system for fast, efficient, safe finishing and polishing of all direct aesthetic materials. Coated disks and interproximal strips are optimised for use on all types of micro-fille and hybrid resins.


  • Benefits:

    - Unmounted Super-Snap Disks are designed with soft, safe plastic snap-on mounts for mandrels
    - Non-metal centre prevents gouging or discolouration of composite or enamel surface
    - Improved christmas tree shaped mandrel ensure retention pf plastic mounts and maximum control during use
    - Disks come in 12mm and 8mm. 8mm Mini disks provide perfect control in cervical areas
    - Disks come in safe side down, safe side up and double side coated for flexibility of use
    - Thin yet resilient disks enable easy adaption and access to various surfaces of anterior teeth


    Ideal for finishing and polishing anterior resin restoration by sequential use of the 4 different colour-coded disks and interproximal strips:
    Black - for Contouring
    Violet - for finishing
    Green - for polishing
    Red - for Superpolishing