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Shofu Fissure Carbide Bur FG 3/Case

Specially designed carbide bur in FG and HP shank with a unique trigonal pyramid shaped tip or perfect pointed- end.


  • Benefits:

    - Special three-blade tip design is highly abrasive with superior cutting efficiency for precise replication of intricate surface details
    - Made of high-grade tungsten carbide for remarkable durability
    - Fissure Carbide in FG Shank used with Lab Air Z, is preferred by ceramists for anatomical carving
    - The Fissure Carbide in HP shank used for carving of indirect composites (e.g. Ceramage) as well as acrylic dentures


    Created for a variety of applications such as:
    - Anatomical carving of pit & fissure
    - Minor adjustment of interproximal area of bridges fabricated with porcelain, indirect composite, hard resin, denture base acrylic and a range of dental alloys
    - Trimming of interdental papilla of denture
    - Removal of porosities and excess materials
  • Recommended Speed Range (FG shank): 25,000-450,000 rpm