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Shofu TPE Diamonds Coarse Short Head #684S 10/Box

Specialized tissue-protective, end-cutting diamond burs.


  • Benefits:

    - Specially designed uncoated bevelling to cutting edge and smooth sides prevent laceration od adjacent gingival tissue and avoids undercut axial walls thus ensuring precise shoulder margin of the restoration
    - Exactly centered for precise rotation of bur
    - Consistent cutting performance and long lasting
    - Available in 2 different grits with diameters of 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, and 1.6 mm


    Developed for sub-gingival or equi-gingival tooth preparation, especially in shoulder preparation.
    - Coarse (C-Unbanded shank)
    Rapid reduction of the shoulder margin into gingival sulcus
    - Fine (F-Red banded shank)
    Smooth finishing of sub-gingival shoulder preparation
    - Short Shank (Coarse grit only)
    Recommended for areas with limited access
  • ISO No.: 014

    Head Length (mm): 6.0

    Diameter (mm): 1.4
  • Recommended Speed Range (F414SS &F414S): More than 300,000 rpm, (F414): More than 450,000 rpm