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Shofu Compomaster Coarse Unmounted Wheel #0131C Each

Diamond impregnated polishers designed with a unique blend and high density of natural diamond particles to provide an exceptionally smooth surface on any composite material.


  • Benefits:

    - Enables simple, fast and efficient polishing and super polishing of composites, for intra oral, chair side or laboratory use
    - Durable and cost effective two-step polishing system, available in HP and CA shank
    - Precise concentricity with uniform blend of diamond particles in a resilient silicone compound ensures consistent performance with low vibration and minimal heat generation
    - Eliminates the need for messy polishing paste


    Developed for fine finishing to super-polishing of direct resin restorations:
    CompoMaster Coarse (yellow polisher) - for finishing & pre-polishing in one step
    CompoMaster (yellow & white bands) - for superpolishing
  • Shape: Unmounted Wheel

    ISO No.: 220

    Shank: HP
  • Recommened Speed Range (Mounted Polishers): 5000-15000 rpm / Max. 20000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 0.5 N
    Recommened Speed Range (Unmounted Wheel): 5000-10000 rpm / Max. 15000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 0.5 N
    Usage note: Intra-oral polishing is done under dry conditions with intermittent strokes and steam of compressed cool air to avoid excess overheating of the pulp.