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Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement Soft 1-1 Set 1 x 125g Powder 1 x 70g Liquid

A non-eugenol, polycarboxylate based temporary cement designed for temporary cementation of provisional crowns, fixed restoration and implant prosthesis, indirect pulp capping and temporary sealing of prepared cavities as an intermediate restorative.

Contains the patented HY-Agent additive with tannin-fluoride that seals dentinal tubules to prevent pulpal irritation.

1 x 125g Powder
1 x 70g Liquid
1 x Mixing Pad, Spatula

Instructions for Use
HY-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft)

  • - Ensures easy removal with sufficient adhesive strength for short-term cementation
    - Easy to mix, manipulate and apply
    - Fast setting and easy to clean up
    - Minimum odour and taste