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Shofu HY-Bond Polycarboxylate Cement 1-1 Set 1x 60g Powder 1 x 33ml Liquid

Developed with SHOFU’s patented HY-Agent additive (tannin-fluoride), HY-Bond Polycaroboxylate cement is indicated specifically for successful cementation of cast restorations and orthodontic appliances. The HY-Agent helps to minimize post-operative sensitivity and increase compressive strength.

1x 60g Powder
1 x 33ml Liquid
1 x Mixing Pad, Spatula

Instructions for Use
HY-Bond Polycarboxylate Cement

  • - Chemically adheres to tooth structure and cast appliances
    - Exhibits high adhesive strength and low solubility
    - Radiopaque, easy to mix and manipulate with a very low film thickness
    - Can be placed on freshly cut dentin with no pulpal irritation
    - Less technique sensitive due to the tannin-fluoride additive