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Shofu T&F Hybrid Point #7104 6/Box

Specially designed diamond charged FG points that mimic carbide burs to ensure rapid and smooth cutting efficiency during cavity preparation and trimming/ fine finishing of composite restorations.


  • Benefits:
    - Precise and uniform distribution of diamond particles ensures accurate cavity preparation and an exceptionally smooth surface finish
    - Specially made diamond burs ensure high cutting efficiency with low contact pressure and consistent performance
    - Sturdy stainless steel shank ensures precise concentricity with virtually no vibration
    - Feather-light strokes assure minimal heat generation for maximum patient comfort
    - Hybrid Points come in 12 popular shapes/ sizes
    - T&F Hybrid Points (with yellow banded shank) come in 10 different shapes/ sizes
  • ISO No.: 014

    Head Length (mm): 3.0

    Bur No.: 7104
  • Recommended Speed Range: 300,000-450,000 rpm (Cyan Colour: max 450,000 rpm, Red Colour: Max 300,000 rpm)
    Contact Pressure: 0.8 N