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Shofu ZiLMaster Medium Bullet HP #0646 3/Box

Three step diamond impregnated polishing system designed specifically for all ceramic restorations including lithium disilicate and fully contoured zirconia restorations.


  • Benefits:

    - High gloss polish in just 3 easy steps
    - Precise concentricity with uniform distribution of even sized diamond particles in resilient silicone compound ensures efficient performance with low vibration and minimal heat generation reducing the risk of micro cracks
    - Eliminates the need for messy polishing paste
    - Fast and efficient
    - In HP and CA shank for lab and clinical use


    Developed for 3 steps systematic polishing of all creamic restorations:
    ZiLMaster Coarse (green banded shank) - for finishing and pre-polishing
    ZiLMaster Medium (blue banded shank) - for polishing
    ZiLMaster Fine (yellow banded shank) - for super polishing
  • Shape: Bullet

    ISO No.: 040

    Shank: HP
  • Recommened Speed Range (Mounted Polishers): 10000-15000 rpm / Max. 20000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 1.5 N
    Recommened Speed Range (Unmounted Wheel): 5000-10000 rpm / Max. 15000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 1.5 N