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Shofu Dura Polish DIA 5g #0554 1/Jar

Dura-Polish Dia is a diamond impregnated (67% by weight) polishign wax for high luster polish.


  • Benefits:

    - Composed of a high density of ultura-fine diamond particles (less than 1 in size) for excellent results
    - Special formulation of the polishing wax assures that Dura-Polish Dia is easy to apply on the brush or buff and also retains for a long time for efficient polishing
    - Optimal paste viscosity minimises splatter


    Designed to provide a consistent and exceptionally high gloss polish on indirect composite, porcelain and zirconia as well as hard resin and alloys.
  • Packed in a jar of 5g
  • Recommened Speed Range : Max. 10000 rpm
    Usage Note: Extra-oral use with Robinsons Brush or Buff Wheels in HP Shank