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Shofu Acrypoint Medium BP1 HP #0427 6/Box

Acrypoints are designed incorporating the unique polishing tecnology of Shofu, for adjusting, finishing & polishing of all types of acrylic appliances, impression trays and acrylic dentures to a high lustre, in the laboratory or chairside.


  • Benefits:

    - Specific abrasive grits used for each of the 3 co-ordinated polishing steps
    - Abrasive grains and binder are perfectly matched
    - High gloss polishing without the need of additional, messy polishing paste
    -Low vibration and minimal heat generation


    Available in 3 differeent grits HP Shanks only:
    Coarse (dark grey) - for adjusting
    Medium (brown) - for finishing and pre-polishing
    Fine (light grey) - for polishing
  • Shape: PC2

    ISO No.: 100

    Shank: HP
  • Recommened Speed Range : 5000-10000 rpm / Max. 15000 rpm
    Contact Pressure: 3-5 N