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Shofu OneGloss Midipoint Refill #0182 50/Box

Made of a high concentration of aluminium oxide with silicone as binder, created specially for finishing and polishing of direct resin restorations with only one instrument, just by altering the contact pressure.


  • Benefits:

    - Saves time as finishing and polishing can be achieved with a single instrument
    - Eliminates the need for polishing paste
    - Disposable polishers comply with infection control protocols
    - Low vibration and minimal heat generation


    Ideal for:
    - Finishing and polishing of all tooth coloured restorations
    - Creating surface texture on direct cosmetic restorations
    - Removing surface stain without damaging the enamel
    - Polishing enamel after scaling
    - Removing excess cement without marring enamel or damaging delicate inlays
    - Removing excess cement after Orthodontic debanding
  • Shape: Midipoint

    ISO No.: 060
  • Recommened Speed Range: 3000-10000 rpm/ Max. 15000 rpm
    Contact Pressure: 1N (for Finishing)/ Feather Light (for Polishing)
    Usage Note: Water coolant when finishing & Dry when polishing