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Shofu Dura-Green DIA HP #WH6 2/Box

Dura-Green DIA is a vitrified-diamond bonded abrasive designed to provide a consistently smooth, chipless cut on porcelain or all-ceramic substrares. A dense, well-balanced layering of diamond particles embedded from surface to core in a special glass binder ensures greater
durability, cutting efficiency and a smoother surface.

Rotary instruments come in 3 different shanks:
HP (Handpiece) Shank
- A smooth, precise HP shank is attached to the chuck of the straight dental handpiece
Standard diameter of HP shank: 2.35mm
CA (Contra Angle) Shank
- A precisely shaped CA shank fits positively in a CA handpiece and is manually locked in place with the aid of a groove at the lower end of the shank
Standard diameter of CA shank: 2.35
FG (Friction Grip) Shank
- A smooth, even FG shank is used in a high speed turbine handpiece
Standard diameter of FG shank: 1.6mm


  • Benefits:

    - Low vibrations & minimal heat generations minimize the risk of micro fractures
    - Low contact pressure & high edge stability
    - No residual contaimination on the restoration surface
    - Air holes optimally distributed thoughout the abrasive minimizes clogging for a consistent performance
    - Available in HP x 8 and CA x 3, total of 11 shapes
  • WH6
    ISO NO: 125

    Shanks: HP
  • Ideal for contouring and finishing all types of ceramics including porcelain, lithium disilicate and zirconia restorations.
    Recommended Speed Range: Max. 30,000rpm