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Shofu Dura Green HP IC9 #0022 12/Box

Made of high quality silicon carbide grit, Dura-Green and Dura-Green Stone Fine are exceptionally durable and are popular chairside as well as in the laboratory.


  • Benefits:

    Dura-Green Stones
    - Precise concentricity with low vibration
    - Consistent cutting efficiency
    - Balance of binder and abrasive particles ensures durability and optimal cutting ability
    - Available in a variety of shapes in HP and CA shanks and selected number of shapes in FG shank
    Dura-Green Stones Fine (yellow band)
    - Produced with a finer grit size with the same positive properties as the proven Dura-Green Stones
    - Available only in HP shank


    Designed for fast and splinter proof contouring and finishing of porcelain, composite, precious alloys and amalgam.
    In the dental laboratory, the extensive range of shapes enable the technician to optimally reproduce individual characteristics of the surface texture of natural tooth.
    Chairside in dental practice, Dura-Green stones are used for quick and simple contouring and finishing of all modern restorative materials.
    Dura-Green Stones Fine (yellow band) is created for adding surface characteristics and adjusting fine details on porcelain and composites.
  • Shape: IC9

    ISO No.: 135

    Shank: HP
  • Recommended Speed Range: 5,000-20,000 rpm/ Max. 30,000 rpm
    Contact Pressure: 3-5N