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Premier Vac Attak™ 800g

High performance dental evacuation system cleaner


  • - Significantly more effective than enzymatic cleaners in removing debris and bio-burden from evacuation lines. Vac Attak™ is especially effective on prophy paste and fluoride gels, the two most common causes of blocked lines.
    - Fast-acting organic chlorine formula facilitates the immediate breakdown of protein chains, found in bio-burden, into water-soluble amino acids.
    - Safe and environmentally friendly, non-corrosive to metals. Vac Attak™ is non-foaming and safe for use with all pumps. Prevents scale build-up in pumps that otherwise forms when using hard water.
    - Economical and easy to use, one scoop of concentrated Vac Attak™ dissolves quickly into 32oz (0.95L) of warm water and then is flushed through the system. It’s that easy! - - - Up to 100 cleanings per 800g jar.
    - Fresh lemon scent.