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Orsing Hygoformic® Bio 100/Pack

Bio mouldable saliva ejector with tongue holder.


  • Green PE is a fossil-free, bio-based polyethylene made from sugar canes. Unlike conventional PE where fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas are used, sugar cane is a completely renewable resource. Hygoformic is the original, mouldable saliva ejector with tongue holder. Used by dentists all over the world for more than 50 years.
    Now also available in eco-friendly Green PE. Single use.

    By using Green PE, bio-based polyethylene, Orsing reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We help saving our planet for future generations. Dental manufacturers can also make a difference to reduce global warming. As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors and aspirator tubes, Orsing considers environmental sustainability to be of great importance.
  • Autoclavable
    Colour: White with green stripes
    Length: 140 mm.
    Manufactured in PP