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NSK NLZ Endo Electric Brushless LED Micromotor Complete Set with Recipro Endo Function

-Now in a more compact size, with higher safety and flexibility for different installation styles, NSK’s all new “NLZ” can help any user of air driven handpieces convert to electric and enjoy the full benefits of this smart system.
-The unique technology of “NLZ” employs an all-new micromotor system and expands the possibilities of dental treatment.
-This original concept from the leading handpiece manufacturer provides cutting-edge features applicable to a wide-range of endodontic treatments with enhanced comfort and safety.
-A big change in treatment environment is brought with only a minor addition to the current equipment in your office.
-With Endo Function

1 x NLZ E U (Control Unit & Main Unit)
1 x NE180 (AC Adaptor)
1 x NLZ (Motor)
1 x NLZ CD (Motor Cord)
1 x NLZ U Bracket

  • Introduction of NLZ

    Technology & Function:


    The conventional magnet rotor has been replaced with an improved magnet rotor. More powerful rotation is achieved in the same amount of space by reducing weak magnetic areas.


    In this unique technology, the water and air lines that used to bypass the motor have now been integrated with the motor. This new, more efficient configuration makes maximum use of the limited space and is lighter and more powerful than before.

    Less Heat

    NLZ employs a simple non-layered coil instead of a standard layered coil. The coils are as compact as possible, shortening the pathway for heat generating current. As a result it generates less heat without reducing the output power.

    Simplified Pipe Configuration

    Conventional products include several pipes, which crank the water flow supplied from the rear of the motor. The NLZ uses a simple straight pipe design instead of a crank, reducing the risk of water clogging in the rear section of the motor.

    Contaminants Are Stopped by a Microfilter

    There is a water filter with 0.3 mm diameter mesh fitted within the tubing connector at the back of the main unit to catch debris and foreign particles in the water and prevent clogging.

    Endo Torque Calibration Function (NLZ E Only)

    Performing the “Contra-Check Function” also enables torque calibration. This function measures the no-load current values and corrects the torque accordingly, resulting in greatly enhanced safety in endodontic treatment.

    *This function cannot completely absorb the individual difference of the actual motor and contra-angles.