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NSK iCare C3 Automatically Lubricates Unit


  • Technology & Function:

    Stylish & Compact

    In the pursuing ultimate ease of use, NSK has given iCare the power to perform automatic maintenance for up to four handpieces at once.

    iCare is also designed to be simple to set up and space efficient, you can install it virtually anywhere.

    Easy to Clean

    iCare’s front door can be completely removed to allow fast, easy cleaning of the system.

    Big Solution Tank

    iCare’s big solution tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters, allowing you to pour in a full one-liter bottle of maintenance solution at once, reducing the necessity for frequent refilling.

    The enclosed nozzle enables clean and easy refills.

    Handpiece Head Filter

    Handpiece Head Filter is made to absorb any spray mist generated, which prevents mist leaks.

    Purging Select Mode

    After lubrication, you can select from appropriate modes offering different purge lengths.

    iCare Maintenance Oil

    The specially formulated maintenance oil provides for the highest levels of lubricating of handpieces.