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NSK S-Max pico Optic Turbine Connect to NSK PTL Coupling

-The Innovative Air Turbine with Ultra Mini Head and Super Slim Body Shape.
-The NSK S-Max pico series has been developed for the operation of Minimal Intervention (M.I).
-The ultra mini head and super slim Handpieces design is the result of fine NSK precision engineering allowing a wider view of the operational field, and greater flexibility for dexterity.


  • Technology & Function:

    Size Specifications

    The ultra mini head delivers expanded operational visibility and greater flexibility. Patient comfort is increased.

    Interchangeable Cartridge

    Cartridges are easily replaced in your practice helping you reduce costs and down-time. The replacement cartridge incorporates the spray holes to guarantee cartridge and water spray always work well together.

    pico bur

    NSK has developed special ultra short shank burs to operate specifically with the pico handpiece. These high quality precision burs are concentric and durable. Use of NSK ultra short shank burs maximises the mini advantage of the pico handpiece.