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NSK Ti-Max Z900L Standard Head Optic Turbine Connect to NSK PTL Coupling

-NSK next generation micro production technology, plus new high tech material choices, now allows NSK to move the global handpiece market to a new, higher level of durability and performance, well beyond any previous market expectations.
-Introducing NSK Ti-Max Z – the most durable, high performance handpiece series in its Class ever offered by anyone, anywhere.
-The result of a research and design brief that specified zero tolerance for any production and price compromise.
-In practice NSK Ti-Max Z series handpieces perform at a remarkably low noise level with virtually no vibration.
-Clinicians’ focus will no longer be distracted and patient comfort is further enhanced.
-Further, Ti-Max Z series handpieces feature the smallest head and slimmest neck dimensions in the global market allowing operational visibility like never before.
-Ti-Max Z is an irreplaceable Powerful Partner for any dental practice.


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