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NSK DynaLED M600LG QD Standard Head Optic Turbine Connect to NSKQD-J Coupling

-NSK DynaLED Turbine Handpieces are produced by NSK micro precision engineering resulting in high performance and long term reliability.
-These innovative Turbines include a dynamic integrated mini power generator which delivers long life, daylight quality LED illumination when connected to any standard non optic air tubing.
-Clinicians can instantly gain the advantage of LED illumination on their existing or new dental equipment.


  • Technology & Function:

    Visibility & Access

    - Visibility & Access:

    Improved visibility and direct access to the treatment field allows faster and more accurate preparations.

    - LED Durability :

    The LED light source is significantly more durability than quartz. Replicated daylight illumination quality.

    NSK’s Advanced LED

    - DynaLED delivers high intensity and stable LED illumination via advanced NSK mini electronic systems.

    - NSK Cellular Glass Optics guarantee emission of pure daylight quality illumination.

    - Clinicians can more comfortably control minimal invasion techniques due to increased oral visibility.

    NSK Long Life Micro Power Generator - High Efficiency and Long Term Durability

    - NSK has applied the very latest technologies and materials to achieve long term efficiency and reliability.

    - Micro power generator is electronically calculated to produce the correct power source for highly effective LED illumination.

    - The performance of the handpiece is not influenced by the micro power generator.