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NSK Ti-Max X55 Internal Spray Contra Angle Non-Optic Handpiece

-NSK X Series contra angles feature the latest technology combined with an elegant yet ergonomic design.
-X Series contra angles have been designed without compromise paying attention to every last details.
-Best possible access to the operating field and maximum visibility were the most important criteria during the design process of the instrument body.
-Unrivalled reliability and superior operator and patient comfort reflect the expertise behind every model of the Ti-Max X Series.


  • Introdution of Ti-Max Z Contra-angle

  • Gear Ratio: 4:1 Reduction

    Shank: Profin / EVA Tips Vertical Reciprocating (Stroke Length 1.4 mm)

    Coolant Design: Single Spray

    Body Material: Titanium

    Body Coating: DURAGRIP

    Max Speed: 10,000 min-1