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NSK NLZ Endo Contra Angle Non-Optic Handpiece

-Now in a more compact size, with higher safety and flexibility for different installation styles, NSK’s all new “NLZ” can help any user of air driven handpieces convert to electric and enjoy the full benefits of this smart system.
-The unique technology of “NLZ” employs an all-new micromotor system and expands the possibilities of dental treatment.
-This original concept from the leading handpiece manufacturer provides cutting-edge features applicable to a wide-range of endodontic treatments with enhanced comfort and safety.
-A big change in treatment environment is brought with only a minor addition to the current equipment in your office.
-With Endo Function


  • - Engine Files (Ø2.35) for Rotary Endo mode
    - Wave-One Reciprocating Files (Ø2.35) for Recipro Endo mode
    - Push Button Chuck
  • Max Speed: 1,000 min-1 (Input Max Rotation Speed of the Motor: 6,000 min-1)

    Head Size: Ø8.6 × H11.3 mm