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NSK Ti-Max X-SG93L Surgical & Implant Optic Handpiece

-NSK X Series contra angles feature the latest technology combined with an elegant yet ergonomic design.
-X Series contra angles have been designed without compromise paying attention to every last details.
-Best possible access to the operating field and maximum visibility were the most important criteria during the design process of the instrument body.
-Unrivalled reliability and superior operator and patient comfort reflect the expertise behind every model of the Ti-Max X Series.


  • Technology & Function:


    The DSG20 contra-angle can be disassembled with a simple twist for easy internal cleaning. However, when attached to a motor, it will not disassemble accidentally due to NSK's unique locking mechanism.

    Cellular Glass Optics

    Cellular Glass Optic delivers brilliant illumination, is highly durable and will not deteriorate due to repeated sterilisation.

    Titanium Body

    Titanium body*. Light and very strong pure titanium is used for the body. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and its enhanced hardness also improves its ability for autoclave sterilization. The biocompatible properties of titanium eliminate concern over allergies to metals.

    *Titanium is used only for the exterior parts, and not for the interior.

    Double Sealing System

    NSK's original double sealing system reliably prevents blood and bodily fluids from entering the instrument head. This guarantees longevity of the instruments.


    NSK's latest surface enhancement technology, takes advantage of the non allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability. DURACOAT creates a smooth, scratch resistant surface which is comfortable to hold.

    Push Button Chuck

    Push Button Chuck is NSK's original push button auto-chuck mechanism that tensions the bur grip during rotation. It allows one-touch bur insertion and removal without tools. The bur lock mechanism is designed so that bur retention strength increases when high loads are applied to the bur.