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HS Sponge Non-Woven Criterion Rayon/Polyester Blend 3x3" 4 Ply Sterile 2's/Packet, 25packets/Pack

High-quality, excellently constructed rayon/poly-blend sponge that is soft and gentle to the touch and very comfortable against the skin.

2's/packet, 25packets/pack

  • - It is thicker than the standard sponge and, with its open-weave construction, offers more absorbency than other sponges available

    - For all applications in wound-care treatment, making it an excellent multiuse sponge

    - Easy-to-open, peel-back packaging
  • Absorbency: Absorbent

    Composition: Rayon/Polyester Blend

    Dimensions: 3x3"

    Disposable/Reusable/Reposable: Disposable

    Item Type: Non-Woven

    Packaging: 2's/packet, 25packets/pack

    Ply: 4 Ply

    Sterile/Non-Sterile: Sterile