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GC Fuji PLUS Cement Powder Liquid 1-1 Package with Conditioner 1 x 15g Powder 1 x 8g Liquid 1 x 6.5ml Conditioner

GC Fuji PLUS consistency delivers outstanding performance, due to the additional benefits gained from resin reinforcement of glass ionomer cement. GC Fuji Plus is a multi-purpose cement that can be used for most luting procedures.

1 x 15g Powder
1 x 8g Liquid
1 x 6.5ml Conditioner

  • Characteristics & benefits
    - Easy mixing and smooth handling
    - Excellent mechanical properties
    - Chemical adhesion to tooth structure eliminates complex and moisture sensitive bonding procedures
    - Strong adhesion to metal, resin and silanated porcelain
    - Minimal film thickness for easy seating and improved fit
    - No post-operative sensitivity
    - Very low solubility
    - Radiopacity
    - Optimal marginal seal in combination with the GC Fuji PLUS Conditioner
    - Continued high fluoride release

    CG Fuji PLUS is multi-purpose, able to cement posts, metal-based restorations, ceramic inlays, reinforced ceramic crowns and bridges and all kinds of acrylic/resin crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges.
  • Clean with water. Apply GC Fuji PLUS Conditioner, leave for 20 sec, rinse with water and dry. Do not desiccate. Apply GC Fuji PLUS to both restoration and prepared tooth, and start to seat the crown within 30 sec of completing the mixing. Remove excess material at the first formation of gel stage.