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GC Fuji IX GP Powder / Liquid A3.5 1:1 Package Each

Radiopaque, packable, posterior, glass-ionomer restorative. It is strong, wear resistant, and fluoride releasing. Chemically bonds to tooth structure. Can be used as a base under composites and for basic core buildups. Great alternative to compomers, composites, and amalgam.


  • Packable, dough-like consistency

    - Easy to handle and place
    - Can be condensed (similar to amalgam)
    - Shape and finish with metal instruments


    - Will not pull away from prep or stick to instruments

    High compressive and flexural strengths

    - Assure durability, longevity, and integrity

    Excellent wear characteristics

    - 60% higher than conventional glass ionomers
    - Within 10% of compomer materials
    - Wears at only a slightly higher rate than posterior composites

    Simple and easy technique

    - 2 minute working time
    - Self-cures in 2.5 minutes (about 4.5 minutes from start of mix)
    - Single step placement for even larger fillings
  • Additives: Fluoride Releasing

    Cure Type: Self Cure

    Ergonomic Location: Posterior

    Item Type: Powder / Liquid

    Packaging Type: 1:1 Package

    Radiopaque: Radiopaque

    Shade: A3.5

    Viscosity: Packable