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FKG XP-endo® Retreatment Sequence 25mm 3/Pack

XP-endo Solutions revolutionizes endodontics using breaking innovation, optimized solutions, and Swiss precision manufacturing so you can master your practice faster, more safely and efficiently.

Now the most unique and complete 3D canal management system available, our dual file designs feature high adaptability and minimally invasive tooling for maximum canal safeguarding. Expand your mind and your craft.


Product Brouchure

  • XP-endo® Shaper:
    - Unique file design and high-speed rotation enhance the efficiency of gutta percha plasticization
    Improved penetration capability and retreatment effectiveness, compared to other single file systems

    XP-endo® Finisher R:
    - Optimised expansion capacity allows the semi-active tip to abrade root canal walls and dislodge filling material in difficult-to-reach areas.
    - Seamless adaptation to all root canal morphologies

    - Exclusive alloy
    - Excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue
    - Optimal core diameter (ISO 30) improves efficiency in filling material removal, while maintaining superelasticity and extreme flexibility

    - Unique design
    - Reduces remaining root filling material up to twice the efficacy of passive ultrasonic irrigation
    - Provides enhanced precision cleaning of the root canal, leaving walls cleaner than other available systems
  • XP-endo® Retreatment Sequence : Blister packs of 3 instruments (DR1 30/.10 + XP-endo® Shaper 30/.04 + XP-endo® Finisher R 30/.00)