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FKG XP-endo® Finisher 25/.00 25mm 3/Pack

XP-endo Finisher is designed for optimal expansion and seamless canal wall cleaning. Its minimalistic construction and state-of-the-art materials offer more reach and better accuracy for initial and retreatment sequences. Available in two different diameters, with 0% taper, this unique cleaning system adapts to any anatomical dimension, radically simplifying and expediting your clinical protocols.


Product Brouchure

  • - Revolutionary design provides enhanced ability to clean areas previously impossible to reach
    - Exclusive tip
    - Extreme expansion capacity optimization up to 100x its core size
    - Seamless adaptation technology for all root canal morphologies
    - Excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue
    - Extreme flexibility and agility
    - Uniquely designed for thorough debris removal
    - Exceptional dentine preservation features
  • Made of Ni-Ti
    Ø ISO 25/.00
    Speed: 800-1000 rpm
    Torque: 1 Ncm