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FKG RACE® EVO 25/.08 19mm 6/Pack

The RACE® EVO 25/.08 file ensure the same operation as the Gates and Peeso but more safely thanks to their anti-screwing in design, rounded safety tip and larger taper. RACE® EVO 25/.08 is used in the coronary and straight part of the canal to remove interferences and facilitate access to the canal.


Product Brouchure

  • RACE® EVO is the ultimate evolution of our popular and proven RaCe rotary system. Highly dependable original RaCe features combined with proprietary heat treatment and higher rotation speed capability, make RACE® EVO instruments even safer, easier to control and more efficient than ever before.

    - Exclusive heat treatment combined with legacy RaCe features provide the perfect combination of strength, durability and control. With unmatched resistance to cyclic fatigue, optimised yet non-intrusive cutting efficiency, and a low screwing effect, RACE® EVO is designed to be safe.
    - RACE® EVO specific heat treatment provides unprecedented mechanical properties, which in turn allow higher speed for quicker and more comfortable treatment for patients.
    - The RaCe design and over 20 years of trusted performance associated with higher speed, bring improved efficiency with a familiar feel to RACE® EVO instruments.
  • Made of Ni-Ti
    Ø ISO 25/.08
    Length: 19 mm
    Optimal speed: 1’000 rpm (minimum 800 rpm)
    Torque: 1.5 Ncm