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FKG TotalFill® BC Sealer HiFlow™ 1.5g Syringe

TotalFill® is a pre-mixed bioceramic obturation material. It is dispensed using a syringe in cases of root canal obturation and with either a syringe or as a putty when doing root repair and retrograde fillings.

Clinicians now have two distinct formulations of the same proven pre-mixed bioceramic sealer to choose from. Compared to standard TotalFill® BC Sealer™, TotalFill® BC Sealer HiFlow™ exhibits a lower viscosity when heated and is more radiopaque, making it optimized for warm obturation techniques.

1.5g Syringe

Product Brouchure

  • Top features:

    - Condensation-based technique
    - Optimal for warm obturation
    - Lower viscosity when heated
    - Higher radiopacity