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Elmex Children Toothpaste 0-6 Years 50ml 12/Dozen

elmex® Children Toothpaste for 0-6yrs containing 500ppm F (AmF)

1 Dozen; 50ml/Tude

  • - Contains the unique amine fluoride "Olaflur" for a threefold protection mechanism.
    - Specially developed for specialized cavity protection of milk teeth.
    - 500ppm F (AmF)
    - Imported from Europe, a brand recommended by densist in Europe, with No.1* sales in Swiss and Germany
    - No sweetener and no preservatives

    *elmex brand ranked No.1 in value sales in toothpaste category. Based on Nielsen RMS data for the Toothpaste category for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2019 for the Germany, Switzerland and Austria total retail market (Copyright © 2017, Nielsen)