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DMG Honigum-Light 2 x 50ml

- Outstanding flow properties
- Extraordinary stability
- Balanced hydrophilicity
- Registers even the finest details

2 x 50ml Cartridges
12 x Automix-Tips
12 x Intraoral-Tips

Instructions for use

  • High precision correction-impression material

    Honigum-Light is an innovative correction-impression material combining excellent flow properties with exceptional stability.

    As a light-bodied material Honigum-Light is well suited for correction and double mixing impressions and can be combined with Honigum-Heavy or the Honigum-Putty materials.

    For its superior product characteristics Honigum received the best »clinical ratings« of all tested VPS materials from the noted »The Dental Advisor«.*

    *Elastomeric Impression Materials. The Dental Advisor 2006; 23 (3): 1-7.

    DMG-developed cleverness: the rheologically active matrix

    The rheologically active matrix allows for flexible behavior in a material’s viscosity. That means: To be stable or flowable depending on the situation. Honigum-Light offers this capacity in an unique manner.

    Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally

    At low shear stress Honigum-Light exhibits significantly higher values as competitive materials (see graphic) thus proving its high stability. The material remains at the area where it was applied without running or dripping.

    Low shear stress
    = high viscosity
    = extraordinary stability

    Outstanding flow properties
    Under shear stress (e. g. when inserting the tray into the mouth) the viscosity properties change and Honigum-Light overcomes the alleged opposites: the initially stable material flows below the preparation line and thus provides a perfect detail reproduction

    High shear stress
    = low viscosity
    = outstanding flow properties

    This quantum leap in the union of seemingly incompatible property profiles – exceptional stability and extreme flowability – is illustrated in the two graphics*.

    *C. Luu, and C. Angeletakis, Kerr Corporation, Orange, CA, USA, Shear Thinning Behavior of Silicone Impression Materials, Poster#1849, IADR Honolulu, Hawaii, 2004.