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DMG O-Bite Registration Material 2 x 50ml

- One of the hardest VPS-based bite registration materials
- Superior break restistance
- Fresh fruity orange scent
- Minimal bite resistance
- Fast-curing

2 x 50ml Cartridges
12 x Automix-Tips

Instructions for use

  • Maximum final hardness

    With a Shore-A-hardness of 93.3, O-Bite is the hardest of all VPS-based bite registration materials. The material’s high final hardness is, particularly important for repositioning the bite registration on the models in the articulator in order to guarantee perfectly fitting restorations.
    Softer silicones flex or compress, thus prohibiting a precise articulation. This can lead to unwanted bite elevations requiring a time-consuming grinding process. A direct insertion of an elevated restoration may cause significant discomfort in the mandibular joint.
    With its superior hardness O-Bite ensures a gnathologically perfect tooth relationship.

    Excellent break resistance

    Thanks to its DMG-developed vinyl silicone matrix, O-Bite exhibits outstanding break resistance. The linking structure of the VPS material is achieved through silicone chains of equal length which facilitate a particularly stable linking structure when cured. For the application this characteristic guarantees high break resistance during removal, cutting and repositioning on the model.