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DMG Honigum-Heavy 5 x 380ml

Honigum-Heavy was specially developed for all two-phase impression techniques, and, among other things, this material stands out with its exceptionally high final hardness. Thanks to its good fixation ability the noted Brånemark Center recommends Honigum-Heavy specifically for implant impressions.

5 x 380ml Cartridge
50 x MixStar-Tips

Instructions for use

  • Extremely high hardness

    Honigum-Heavy exhibits easy cutting characteristics for providing pressure relief channels in corrective treatments.
    These are necessary in order to obtain an optimal detail reproduction with the secondary impression.

    Especially for implant impressions Honigum-Heavy exhibits good fixation and torsion-preventing characteristics.
    For combined treatments with implants and prepared teeth double mixing impressions with Honigum-Light are recommended. For implant treatments Honigum-Heavy should be used as a mono-phase impression material.

    Good resistance

    With the double mixing impressions Honigum-Heavy exhibits a good stability in the tray and optimal resistance when positioned. The light-bodied material Honigum-Light thus penetrates into the subgingival areas.

    Whether correction impressions or double mixing technique: Impressions with Honigum-Heavy result in fitting restorations.

    - Exceptionally high final hardness
    - Optimal resistance when positioned
    - Excellent fixation characteristics
    - Trouble-free and safe removal
    - Invariably homogeneous, bubble-free material quality