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DMG MiniDam 20/Pack

The DMG MiniDam protects the proximal area during treatment – quickly, easily and comfortably for the patient.


  • The practical silicone shield ensures that the site being treated is sufficiently dry. At the same time, the gingiva is protected from the materials being used, e.g. etching gel.

    The DMG MiniDam can be placed by one person in just a few seconds and stabilizes itself – without clamps – with open access to the treatment area. That makes it extremely convenient for the dentist and very comfortable for the patient.

    The material is latex-free and thus harmless for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the DMG MiniDam, procedures in the proximal area, which also include caries infiltration for example, can thus be completed more quickly.
  • Silicone protection to facilitate a relatively dry environment in the proximal area between two teeth and to protect the gingiva against dental materials.