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DMG Icon Caries Infiltrant smooth surface 7 units

Icon smooth surface is used to treat white spots in vestibular areas.

7 Treatment units each including:
1 x Syringe @ 0,45 ml Icon-Etch
1 x Syringe @ 0,45 ml Icon-Dry
1 x Syringe @ 0,45 ml Icon-Infiltrant
6 x Vestibular-Tips
1 x Luer-Lock-Tip

Instructions for use

Safety datasheets
Icon Infiltrant


  • - Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic white spots – with an esthetic side effect
    - No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
    - User-friendly and patient-friendly application process in only one sitting

    Tips from the practice

    1. Re-etching »older« inactive white spots

    - You can etch multiple times if there is a very thick pseudo-intact surface layer
    - If the white discoloration disappears within a few seconds when ethanol (Icon-Dry) is applied, then it is sufficiently etched
    - If the opaque discoloration remains, then the etching process should be repeated
    - Up to three etching steps for two minutes per lesion are possible

    2. Before/after documentation

    - Optimize your patient communication process by taking before and after pictures
    - These photos give your patients definitive proof about the success of the treatment

    3. Fluorosis and other white spots

    - Even non-cariogenic enamel changes can be treated with Icon.
    - Experiences in practice show: Patients with fluorosis can be successfully treated, where it has proved useful to repeat the etching steps multiple times. Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies
    - Enamel changes caused by trauma have been successfully treated. Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies