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DMG Icon Caries Infiltrant Proximal 7 Units

Icon fills the gap between fluoridating and drilling.

7 Treatment units each including :
1 x Syringe @ 0.3 ml Icon-Etch
1 x Syringe @ 0.45 ml Icon-Dry
1 x Syringe @ 0.45 ml Icon-Infiltrant
6 x Approximal-Tips
1 x Luer-Lock-Tip
4 x Dental wedges

Instructions for use

Safety datasheets
Icon Infiltrant


  • - Tooth friendly filling by infiltration – no drilling needed
    - Gentle therapy approach for difficult-toreach proximal lesions in just a few steps
    - No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
    - Prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth

    Tips from the practice

    1. Exact diagnosis with bitewing x-rays

    - Make use of bitewing x-rays for early diagnosis of proximal lesions

    - Check the necessity of x-ray images in advance, for example through the use of fiber-optic transillumination devices

    - A helpful accessory for these x-rays is the DMG Icon X-ray Holder System. It makes it possible to take multiple images in the same reproducible position, even over several sessions, and therefore simplifies the diagnosis and evaluation of the therapy’s success

    2. Gentle tooth separation step by step

    - It is best to proceed slowly with the tooth separation, a bit like stretching out a muscle. The tissue has to respond to the increase in pressure

    - Guide the wedge into the interdental space until resistance is felt. The patient will experience this as a light pressure

    - Hold the wedge in position for several seconds

    - Softly push the wedge further until the widest part of the wedge creates enough separation between the teeth

    3. Documentation in patient records

    - Icon is not radiopaque

    - This is because certain filler materials are necessary to make it radiopaque. These materials negatively affect the infiltrant’s flow properties and therefore its penetrative ability

    - In order to document the procedure properly, the patient card included in every package should be marked and filed appropriately

    The answer to white spots? I can Icon