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DMG PermaCem 2.0 Package A2 Universal 9g

PermaCem 2.0 – the new generation of self-adhesive luting composite.
The recently developed adhesive monomer formula provides superior natural adhesive strength of PermaCem 2.0 with Zircon. Outstanding adhesion on zircon ceramics will give you a sense of security and confidence.

The special Flow 2.0 formula also provides for easy handling and incredibly simple excess removal.

1 x 9g Smartmix Syringe
15 x Smartmix-Tips Short
5 x Smartmix-Tips Endo M

Instructions for Use
PermaCem 2.0

  • - Outstandingly strong adhesive to zirconia, silicate and oxide ceramics
    - Secure adhesion to metals and composites, too
    - Time-saving application
    - Extraordinary flow under pressure
    - Easiest excess removal

    The new generation of self-adhesive luting." - PermaCem 2.0